💰OMNIX Staking

You can now stake your $OMNIX!

How do I stake $OMNIX?

  1. Buy $OMNIX (ca: 0x621879C6239d8ab9B82712fb56e7be880cE0c6eE)

  2. Send your $OMNIX to one of your wallets

  3. Send a few dozen dollars of ETH to cover gas fees to stake

  4. Go to the ETHEREUM blockchain

  5. Select "stake"

  6. Select $OMNIX

  7. Choose the amount of $OMNIX to stake

  8. Choose the duration of the staking

  9. Stake and in return receive $veOMNIX

Reward Distribution Mechanism

Our reward distribution operates on a real yield basis. Every x hours, 50% of the fees collected by the Bot and 50% of the tax from token sales are pooled into the splitter pool. The splitter pool then redistributes all the tokens to the stakers based on the proportion of $OMNIX they have staked. In simple terms, the more $OMNIX you stake AND the longer you stake it to get a multiplier bonus, the greater your share of the redistributed rewards.

Dynamic APR Calculation

In our current version, the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) fluctuates based on several factors, including the fees collected by the bot, transactions involving our token, and the total number of stakers. We are working on an upcoming update that will provide real-time visibility into the current APR on the bot. This enhancement aims to offer users more transparency regarding the potential returns on their staked assets.

Flexibility in Staking Duration

When you stake your tokens, you have the option to choose the lock-in duration, ranging from 0 to 365 days. The lock-in period is customizable according to your preference. Additionally, the longer you decide to lock your tokens, the greater the bonus you receive on your staking, ranging from 1 to 3. This flexibility allows you to tailor your staking strategy based on your individual preferences and investment goals.

Choosing Your Lock-in Duration

The longer you lock in your $OMNIX, the higher the bonus multiplier you receive from the protocol (ranging from 1 to 3). This bonus multiplier significantly increases the dividends you can earn.


  • Staking $1,000 for 0 days results in the protocol considering your staked amount as exactly $1,000.

  • However, if you lock up $1,000 OMNIX for 1 year, the protocol will apply a 3x bonus multiplier. This means you'll receive dividends equivalent to someone who has staked $3,000 OMNIX for 0 days.

Unlocking Staked Tokens

Once your tokens are locked, you have the option to unlock them, but it comes with a penalty. The penalty is progressive, meaning it decreases the longer you wait to unlock. The penalty is calculated using the formula:

feePercentage = maxUnlockFee - (currentTimestamp - initialLockStartTime) * (maxUnlockFee - minUnlockFee) / (initialLockEndTime - initialLockSTartTime)

Example (if you staked for 1 year):

  • Unlock directly: You pay 80%.

  • Unlock after 3 months: You pay 65% fee.

  • Unlock after 6 months: You pay 50% fee.

  • Unlock after 9 months: You pay 35% fee.

  • Unlock after 1 year: No fee is applied.

This system encourages a longer commitment to staking by gradually reducing the penalty for unlocking over time.

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