👩‍🌾Manual Airdrop Farming


How does your manual farming system work?

Our Telegram bot operates through a seamless ticketing system. Each blockchain's airdrop information is transmitted to our manual workers through these tickets. The tickets contain comprehensive instructions and guidelines for executing the manual farming process effectively. This streamlined communication ensures that our workers have all the necessary data and insights to maximize the potential rewards from each airdrop.

What blockchains are available for airdrop farming?

Possibly all of them. That's the great thing about manual farming: in less than 24 hours, you can come up with a new blockchain to farm! To start with, there will be:

  • ZkSync

  • Polygon ZkEvm

  • Linea

We'll be listening to suggestions from the community and adding new blockchains on a regular basis.

Are the funds invested in airdrops secure?

Yes, we prioritize the security of our users funds, and our manual farmers are provided with tools to prevent any unauthorized access or misuse of assets. Our skilled manual farmers are compensated for their efforts and follow a list of actions crafted by experts, ensuring the smooth retrieval of airdrops.

How is manual farming better than automated farming?

Manual airdrop farming is safer than automatic, because the people managing the tasks required to obtain airdrop are guided by experts in the field and can change methods in just a few minutes via our ticket system.

They are also trained to combat the safeguards put in place by the protocols organizing airdrops, so the chances of receiving an airdrop are far greater.

There are limits to automated farming: sometimes, protocols blacklist users who engage in automated farming (maverick did this by requiring UI interaction). This will never happen with our service.

How much does it cost?

Apart from the cost of the tasks required to receive an airdrop, we charge a worker fee per transaction. The bot will suggest the number of transactions you want per wallet (from 20 tx to more than 500).

Apart from the worker fees, how much do I need to start farming?

A minimum amount of ETH is required to qualify for airdrop farming. These funds will be used to pay the transaction fees for farming.

Do I get to keep my airdrop total?

Yes! 100% of the airdrop goes to you, we don't take any commission on what you receive.

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