To enable our users to receive real yield through the fees generated by our various tools, we will also be offering a staking solution for our $OMNIX token.

What staking protocols are available from OmniBot X?

OMNIBOT X facilitates secure staking by collaborating with well-established protocol : Lido. This protocol is known for his robust security measures and transparent governance mechanisms.

Will there be new integrated protocols?

Yes, if our users express interest in new staking protocols, we will diligently work towards implementing them.

How is using our bot for staking more efficient?

OMNIBOT X simplifies the staking process by automating various steps, reducing user efforts while ensuring a seamless staking experience.

Can we choose how much time our funds are in staking ?

There is no minimum staking time, and users can unstake their tokens on the protocols offered by OMNIBOT X at any time.

Are there real-time updates of our staking funds?

Yes, OMNIBOT X provides real-time updates on staking rewards and APR, allowing users to monitor their earnings and track the performance of their staked assets.

💰 OmniBot X charges a 0.2% fee on stake made by users. When our $OMNIX staking protocol is available, users staking $OMNIX will be eligible for a reduced fee up to 0.1%. These fees are then redistributed to the $OMNIX stakers & $OMNIX pool.

Please be aware of this fee structure before engaging in any transactions on the platform.

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